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In today‘ s Business English Pod episode, we‘ re going to look at language for showing a visitor around your office or factory. 今天的英语播客,我们将探讨的是有关参观办公室和工厂的语句。治疗癫痫病的方法有什么

We‘ ll be listening to Ingrid taking Carl on a tour of a factory where GC cleaning products are produced. Carl is from the head office of GC and he‘ s 湖北小儿癫痫哪家医院专业inspecting the factory where Ingrid works. His job is to make sure that the company‘ s factories are all up to standard and capable of handling future orders. As the dialog starts, Carl has already arrived at the factory and met Ingrid, who is ready to start the tour. 接下来将听到是在GC清洁产品生产工厂里,英格丽德和卡尔正在参观途中交谈。卡尔是来自GC公司的总部,正在视察卡尔工作的车间。他的主要任务是确保工厂能够达标地运睡觉的时候突然抽搐,眼睛往上翻,嘴里会吐白沫等,这是怎么了?行,能够应付未来的订单。对话开始时,卡尔已经达到了工厂,见到了已经做好参观向导准备的英格丽德。

Listening Questions:

1) What time of day does Carl arrive for his tour?

2) What is the problem with the detergent production line?

3) What role does newspaper play in the production of detergent in this factory?

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